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The best months to lay new turf are Oct-Nov and March-April.Where possible we turf mainly in accordance with the weather to ensure the best results for your new lawn.

However we know this is not always possible so, as long as there are no long periods of hot weather and you have sufficient water supply and no hosepipe ban we will be able to turf as and when required.

We remove your old turf and the ground is prepared with either a full rotivation or light till is applied, where needed a conditioner can be added as the ground levelling is done.

Finally a recommended turf will be laid. All our turf is of a very high quality and a sample can be provided as requested.

(Cutting Edge take no responsibility if proper watering and aftercare advice is not followed.)

“Don’t forget the winter

if the weather’s good to go so are we!”

Why seed? Well it’s cheaper and can produce a very strong and healthy lawn, however this will take time, patience and care.

The base of the lawn is prepared as we would when laying new turf. Once this is done the seed is laid using a spreader ensuring sufficient and even coverage of the lawn area. We then lightly cover the spread area with a top dressing mix, this will help keep the birds away during germination.

Depending on the time of year germination can take place between 7-14 days. However we have previously seeded in late October and it had a green lawn for December, so the weather can make a difference, that’s global warming for you.

Once Grown to a sufficient length the new grass we recommend the new area is tipped to allow the grass to strengthen.

We will advise on all aspects or looking after new turf or re-seeding to help you decide what’s best for you.

“Why not consider “over” seeding an existing lawn and give it new life”

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